A buyer always comes with a motive of buying the house at the very best possible rates that have been present in relation to the various types of market conditions present. While this is not a corporate plan objective, it underpins all our work and services. As with residents, the expert panel advised us that because of the particular influence L&Q has on staff, we should report on our equal opportunity performance.

The buyer always tries for getting the very best property valuers such as Vals VIC – at the lowest possible rates. Because as low the rate would be a same high amount of profit would be available on it. our performance We continue to maintain a policy of equal opportunities for all. We also think it is important that we represent the communities we serve. Our performance for our current workforce is therefore monitored closely and the results as at 31 March 1999 are shown in Tables 6 and. We have applied to be joint commissioning partners with seven authorities. Their selection process varied considerably. Some were specific to schemes or a need category, while others focused on general performance. Our regulator, the Housing Corporation, also issues guidance on the criteria local authorities expect RSLs to meet.

Everything here is done to see that the buyer gets the very best price as compared to various types of market rates that have been present. Our main way of measuring success in our relationship with local authorities is to look at how they view L&Q as a long-term partner, specifically in the development of new and refurbished homes. Over the last two years, local authorities have sought development partners through joint commissioning 14 arrangements that last for two or more years. Our social audit panel’s advice was to focus on the areas covered in the questions used by local authorities to select their joint commissioning partners.

existing commitment Our corporate plan commits us to ‘remain a major provider of social h ous I ng, s u pp ort and care in London and the South East.’ To do this we need to be a long-term development partner of local authorities. our performance We were successful in six of the seven applications we made to be joint commissioning partners. This commits us to long-term partnerships in finding solutions to housing need.