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The Yukon Fish & Game Association will hold a public meeting at the end of the season to discuss the survey with hunters and explore suggestions for improving and building onto the flow of this valuable local knowledge. The tear-out survey page is on page 35 of the new 2002 – 2003 Hunting Summary book which is now available. WHITEHORSE – Up to 20 social assistance recipients will benefit from a fund established by Advanced Education as part of the Yukon Training Strategy. The $40,000 fund was announced today by Education Minister Cynthia Tucker and Health and Social Services Minister Sue Edelman.

The money will be targeted at Social Assistance clients who will benefit from additional help in getting back into the workforce. The money may be used to pay for tuitions, training costs and travel. Assisting social assistance clients through training, in order to help them secure lasting employment is one of the strategies included in the Training Strategy. Edelman said she was pleased that the two departments were working together to create workforce attachment for a group of disadvantaged Yukoners. This is a home-grown partnership that will have tremendous benefit to all those involved. This reflects the government’s commitment to a healthy community where all Yukoners have equal opportunities for jobs.

Employment Training Services will identify social assistance recipients most likely to benefit from help in getting into the workforce. Together the client and ETS will create an employment action plan that includes a training component to help enhance the development of their skills in order to secure long-term employment. Whitehorse – the new hunting regulations summary booklet published annually by environment yukon is now available to the public. The 2002 – 2003 Hunting Regulations Summary is packed with information about new hunting laws and the latest trends in Environment Yukon’s partnerships with the hunting community and First Nation governments.

It’s important for hunters to pick it up and learn about the new hunting rules and the latest developments in Yukon wildlife management. The new booklet explains how the Wildlife Act has been modernized to clarify the hunting laws and bring them up to date with current practices. Yukon residency requirements have been simplified, and for example, and it is now unlawful to waste the meat of small game animals.