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Elected local authority and its Independent Examination in public with the participation of all objectors who wish to take part, taken together, provide excellent accountability measures, without the need to retain the option for local authorities to reject the Inspector’s findings. It will deny landowners the chance to establish value before approaching the market. It will undermine the asset values against which many businesses and individuals have borrowed. Outline Planning Permission should remain as an accepted, well understood and useful tool of the planning system, SoDPs should not be introduced.

Current legislation on disabled access and planning (S.76 Planning and Compensation Act 1991) requires access requirements to be brought to the attention of an applicant at the time of granting planning permission. This provision is now considerably out of date and fails to refer to the Disabilities Discrimination Act 1995. The TCPA, in conjunction with the Disability Rights Commission, would like to take the important opportunity offered by this Bill to improve access to the built environment for people with disabilities.

The TCPA is therefore proposing to introduce the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act into planning. In addition, we would wish to see the need for disabled access brought to the attention of developers at the beginning of the process rather than at the time of planning permission (though secondary legislation or best practice guidance). The requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act should be introduced into planning.

The need for disabled access should be brought to the attention of developers at the beginning of the process rather than at the time of planning permission (though secondary legislation or best practice guidance). Swindon builder, David Croft (63), is the new National President of the Federation of Master Builders, After gaining a degree at Cambridge, David trained as a civil engineer before joining his father’s building firm.

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CTRU will review the progress of town center revitalization and will prepare a spatial strategy and action plan for the wider town center – to include proposals for fourteen potential development sites. Amongst the draft proposals is a concept for an ”arc of growth”, to extend the commercial, leisure and residential components of a bigger and more diverse town center along the spectacular Great Ouse waterfront. Building partnerships are essential if the strategies on paper are to be translated into action on the ground, Since first Centre Vision report for Huntingdon in 2000, a number of the proposals have moved forward – a successful partnership has been established, and new investment is going in. Now it’s time for the next steps.

The Centre Vision team has more than a decade of practical experience in over 100 town centers. Last year, the Oxmoor Estate in Huntingdon received funding for development. The Civic Trust Regeneration Unit used Planning for Real in 2001 to engage residents in the action plan for their estate. Funding is now in place and work has begun on the regeneration of Sapley Square to provide a new neighborhood center, including shops, community facilities, a health care center and housing. CTRU has also been commissioned in Oakham, Leicestershire. Work with the Oakham Town Partnership is focusing on the historic core. click here to visit the website: Valuations VIC

CTRU is developing proposals for the area to become a venue for theatre, music, entertainment, education in the arts, fairs, and festivals. The Civic Trust put together a platform for expert speakers to address these issues. Speakers were drawn from the private and public sector, as well as the police, and chaired by Mike Gilbert, Chief Executive of the British Cement Industry and Trustee of the Civic Trust. How we can deter anti-social behavior with recent examples from our Prudential 4 Youth anti-social behavior and Prudential Grass Roots environmental programmes.